We offer a broad and integrated range of corporate services. Aside from accounting,  tax and corporate secretarial services, we offer also director and liquidation services as well as domiciliation and assistance with finding premises for your company. 



We offer independant director services if we can do the job. Therefore, we have opted to restrict our mandates to 20 clients only in order to guarantee an appropriate level of substance. In case you need an independant director for a company supervised by the CSSF, this will allow you to comply with Circular 18/698 which limits the number of hours dedicated to professional duties to 1920 per year and to 20 mandates in regulated and operational companies. We also offer liquidation services or as auditor to the liquidation on an ad hoc basis.



We deliver personalized accounting services. Our pride is to offer you management accounting meeting your personal needs and compliant with local requirements. For example, we have extensive experience working with distressed debts.

Consulting services: We work hand in hand with you in order to make sure that your project are a success. For example, we have assisted clients with the implementation of an accounting software and an electronic tax filing process.



We have extensive experience with the preparation of corporate tax returns, the reviewing tax assessments in connection with the private equity, real estate and funds industry.

We offer VAT compliance services on an ancillary basis in combination with accounting services in order to guarantee efficiency  and accuracy.



We provide corporate secretarial services on an ancillary basis in combination with accounting services.



ICCS is also assisting you with the implementation of a company in Luxembourg. Aside we offer to provide your company with a statutory seat or we can help you with finding your own premises and will assist you with all possible request with respect to getting your company properly implemented

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